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Fairchild Family-Brentwood Family Photographer

I love photo shoots on a beautiful fall evening.

1-Brentwood,TN Family Photos

The trees provided a beautiful backdrop for the Fairchild’s family photos. Noah is 4 months old and he has the cutest grin. He loves it when his parents kiss him. And talk to him. And do silly things to make him smile.

2-Brentwood TN Family Photoshoot

Stephen and Amy said that the interaction shots were very important to them. Those are my favorites too and I made sure to get a lot of them. 

4-Brentwood TN Family photographer
5-Brentwood TN Family photo
6-Brentwood TN family photo shoot
7-Brentwood TN Family portraits

Noah loves it when his Daddy throws him up in the air!

8-Brentwood TN Family Photographs
9-Ellington Agricultural center family photoshoot

10-Brentwood TN Baby Photographer
And of course he is happiest when Mommy is holding him. 
11-Brentwood TN Baby Photography

Sometimes you need a little snack break! It’s hard to believe that the entire time we were taking pictures there was a long line of cars beside us. I have never seen so much traffic through a park before! It was a little hard competing with the headlights for Noah’s attention but we managed to get some great shots. Are you really surprised when you have a dad making this face!

12-Brentwood TN Family photos

Thank you Stephen & Amy for asking me to photograph your family. I had a great evening with you guys!

3-Brentwood TN Family Photography

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