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Families | Pattersons

All weekend we were watching the weather to see if we would be able to do our photo shoot. Monday morning the sun came out for a few minutes so we decided to go for it, only to have it start sprinkling as we started our session! We quickly moved to the covered bridge and it started pouring as we all made it on! Thankfully we still had a beautiful location to take photos-even if it was pouring down rain!  This sweet family just adopted 3 year old twins from Russia about 6 weeks before we took their family photos. I have to say this was my first session where we were trying to tell kids what to do in 2 languages! It was funny as we were telling them everything in Russian and English as they have picked up English pretty quickly so we weren’t positive what they understood and didn’t! Their older brother and sister are great with them so of course we had to get some special shots of them with their new siblings! I think some of my favorites are of them twirling with their big sister and laughing with their brother! Of course I had to include some of one of the little girls playing peek-a-boo while I was trying to get a family photo! My shoots are always fun and entertaining!


Families | Osborne’s

When you have a 2 year old that you are trying to get pictures of it’s always interesting. Add in the fact that the 2 year old along with his 3 older brothers have been sitting in a car all day… made for a fun session! And it was still 90 degrees and 90% humidity. Lovely picture weather. I almost felt bad asking everyone to sit together. Except for the small fact that the dad is great friends with my husband and they are constantly tormenting each other-I didn’t feel so bad after remembering that! 🙂 As you might notice one of the boys is a very special little guy. He’s had tons of health issues and this sweet family just keeps getting stronger and fight harder. Their oldest son did a great job watching his younger brothers so we could sneak in a few couple shots! I always try to get a few of the parents and I always hear them debating when the last time was they got a picture of just the two of them! Thanks guys for putting up with the heat and nasty humidity! I’m so glad we managed to get photos in before the rain!

















Families | Keefer’s

7 minutes. 8 people. 3 poses. and 95 degrees with about 80% humidity. That pretty much sums up this shoot! I think it’s the fastest photo shoot I’ve ever done and surprisingly enough it turned out great! Oh-I forgot. One seriously crazy photographer-I ran down into the creek to take photos of them on the bridge!

But seriously-This family is so sweet! We’ve been friends for years and it’s been fun to watch their family grow. About two years ago they completed a several year adoption journey and welcomed two more boys into their family! We had the privilege of spending the weekend with them and my cheeks hurt from laughing so much by the time we left!