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I was barely a year old when I learned how to crawl out of my crib and down the stairs early in the morning before anyone was awake. I opened the cabinet where my mom kept our photo albums and tried to look through them. Since I was only a year old, I don’t remember that happening. But I still love looking at photos of my friends and family. And I don’t just love looking at them, I love taking them. Being let into the very special moments of their lives and being entrusted with this huge gift of capturing a new life coming into this world, senior photos, or the yearly family photoshoot.

Hi…I’m Amy and I would love to tell you a little about myself. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy getting to know me… the person behind the lens.

Who am I? I’m a wife. A daughter. A sister. A friend.  A documenter of life.



Others would describe me as…

Outgoing, laid-back, funny, compassionate, kind, loyal, dedicated and friendly.

NYC New Year

Some of my favorite things: my camera. crisp autumn air. boots. scarves. pumpkin spice frappucinos. baking. trying new recipes. did I mention everything about fall. biking. hot chocolate.  NYC. San Francisco. traveling the world with my husband. watching him mix for the incredible musicians at our church. spending time with friends. doing things for others. teeny-tiny babies.



I have 6 photo albums dedicated to pictures my parents took of me growing up. But one thing you won’t see very often on those pages is photos of me with my parents. It happened occasionally when we were on vacation, but mostly you see a cute red-headed curly hair little girl. And that’s something I want to change for your children. Now is the opportunity for me to capture you with your family. At every photoshoot I take a little extra time to focus on you and your child together. Lost in your own little world.


You will cherish these photos for a lifetime. And so will your kids. When they look back at the photos they will remember the times that you had a tickle fight in bed. And read a story every night after bath time. That’s what I love about lifestyle photography. Capturing those moments that can at times be stressful and maybe even a little mundane right now. But I promise  that 20 years from now when your little girl or boy is in college, you will cherish your beautiful album that tells the story of a day in your life right now. I can’t even tell you how many people who’s kids are in college have seen my work and have said they wished they had photos like these with their kids.

I love to live life to the fullest and capture every minute of it. I love traveling and hope to see a lot of the world some day. I’m a small town girl living in a big city and love every minute of it. Except the traffic. I’m guessing you can relate. Trying to get anywhere at 5 pm is a nightmare. I’m still working on giving myself an extra 15 minutes to get anywhere. I love hanging out with friends and grilling all summer long. I love giving back to others and enjoy finding ways to do that with photography. Life is precious. Fleeting. Enjoy every moment of it. Yes, even when your two year old is refusing to take a nap and you are watching them on the monitor pull every toy out of the toy box. These moments will pass. And you’ll be grateful you have a photo hanging on your wall like this one to remember how amazing they really are.