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Anderson’s Birth Story-Part 2

The next morning Hudson and Ali got to come back to the hospital to meet their baby brother! He was just finishing his bath in the nursery. 

0716_6255 copy
I love this photo of them running in the door so excited to meet their baby brother!
0716_6273 copy
0716_6274 copy
0716_6280 copy
Can you tell by the smile on his face how excited he is? If Hudson was at the hospital he was by his little brother’s side. 
0716_6303 copy
Ali loved holding her baby brother!
0716_6323 copy
Hudson loves trains and trolleys. He tried to play with trolley with Anderson (bottom right).
0716_6389 copy
Some of my favorite photos are of Dads holding their newborns.
0716_6398 copy
0716_6513 copy
One of Rachael’s favorite photos is of the ring shot. Check out the ring shots from Hudson’s newborn session and Alison’s birth.
0716_6680 copy
0716_6676 copy
They could not wait for Mama and baby brother to get home! 
0717_5630 copy

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