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Fairchild Family-Brentwood Family Photographer

I love photo shoots on a beautiful fall evening.

1-Brentwood,TN Family Photos

The trees provided a beautiful backdrop for the Fairchild’s family photos. Noah is 4 months old and he has the cutest grin. He loves it when his parents kiss him. And talk to him. And do silly things to make him smile.

2-Brentwood TN Family Photoshoot

Stephen and Amy said that the interaction shots were very important to them. Those are my favorites too and I made sure to get a lot of them. 

4-Brentwood TN Family photographer
5-Brentwood TN Family photo
6-Brentwood TN family photo shoot
7-Brentwood TN Family portraits

Noah loves it when his Daddy throws him up in the air!

8-Brentwood TN Family Photographs
9-Ellington Agricultural center family photoshoot

10-Brentwood TN Baby Photographer
And of course he is happiest when Mommy is holding him. 
11-Brentwood TN Baby Photography

Sometimes you need a little snack break! It’s hard to believe that the entire time we were taking pictures there was a long line of cars beside us. I have never seen so much traffic through a park before! It was a little hard competing with the headlights for Noah’s attention but we managed to get some great shots. Are you really surprised when you have a dad making this face!

12-Brentwood TN Family photos

Thank you Stephen & Amy for asking me to photograph your family. I had a great evening with you guys!

3-Brentwood TN Family Photography

McCall’s Birth Story

This sweet little guy gave his parents quite a scare when he decided to join the world 6 weeks early. I was thrilled when I was asked to photograph his birth story.

Franklin TN Newborn Photography

Each birth story is very unique and McCall’s was no different. Brandi (his mom) ended up needing a c-section. I was heading to the hospital to get some photos of her in labor when I received the call. I arrived just in time to get photos of  Brandi and her husband Hunter before they took her into the OR. It was such a sweet moment with her husband by her side. 

Williamson County Birth Story
Franklin TN Birth Story
Franklin Birth Story
Franklin TN Birth Story (1)

Hospital Birth Story

After the nurses took Brandi to the OR I stayed to be able to capture the reaction of the family members when they heard McCall was born.

Franklin TN Birth Story (2)

I love the emotion you can see from the family members when they saw the first photo of McCall on the phone. He is one loved little boy.

Williamson Hospital Birth

Hunter giving the doctor who delivered his son a hug.

Newborn Photography Franklin TN

Due to his early arrival, McCall was in the NICU for the first week and a half of his life. Williamson County Medical Center does a really cool thing called “Rooming In” with their babies who have been in the NICU. The night before they go home, the baby is brought to a regular room so the parents are able to care for him like any new parents, with the nurses close by in case they were needed.  Brandi asked if I would come back and take photos of McCall before he went home from the hospital.

Hospital Birth Photography TN
Franklin TN Birth Story (3)
Franklin Birth Photography
Franklin Birth Photography (4)
Father holding newborn son
Franklin Birth Photography (2)
Franklin Birth Photography (1)

Franklin Birth Photography (6)
Williamson County Newborn

Franklin Birth Photography (5)

I loved capturing McCall’s birth story. He was so sweet and slept the entire time I was taking his newborn photos. Brandi and Hunter-thank you for having me capture this special time in your life! McCall is a precious little boy and I can’t wait to watch him grow up!


If you’re interested in a birth story in Franklin, TN contact me!

Jo10/29/2014 - 12:06 am

What a ride for his parents! Brandi looks like she will be a great Mum! Such sweet photos and memories for them!

Hope Clinic

I am thrilled to be able to share these photos and some news about a very special opportunity I had recently. Last fall was mission Sunday at our church and after the service I approached once of the organizations that was featured. I have always wanted to use my photography to give back and was very excited when Hope Clinic contacted me a few weeks later about taking photos of some of their clients. Fast forward 8 months, to the hottest day of the year when I met this beautiful mom to take maternity photos. Her daughter is 3, her son is 10 months and she is due any day with a little boy.  Her little girl was full of energy and loved playing with the sticks she found! Her little boy was so sweet and had the biggest grin on his face! I loved being able to partner with Hope Clinic to gift this session to this very sweet mom who has done so well in their programs. Hope Clinic will be using the photos from our session in their newsletter and brochures to encourage other people considering going through their programs. Check out their site to see more of what they do. I look forward to working with Hope Clinic again in the future!

Hope Clinic-RefugeStudiosJuly2014 (1)
Hope Clinic-RefugeStudiosJuly2014 (2)
Hope Clinic-RefugeStudiosJuly2014 (3)
Hope Clinic-RefugeStudiosJuly2014 (4)
Hope Clinic-RefugeStudiosJuly2014 (5)bw
Hope Clinic-RefugeStudiosJuly2014 (6)
Hope Clinic-RefugeStudiosJuly2014 (7)