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Hudson’s Birth Story

Since we recently moved and I’m working on redoing my website, I decided to go back and share some of my favorite sessions. This was my first birth story back in April 2011! Hard to believe it’s been almost 5 years since this little guy was born. I had no idea that birth would create a love for birth photography. It was an incredible experience.


Births are so amazing to get to experience and be a part of. I always start with labor photos and capture the moments as they happen. This birth was a challenge to get as I had a 9 hour drive! We found out right after I arrived that Rachael was ready to have the baby but we had to wait about 2o minutes for the doctor to arrive.

Findlay Ohio birth photographer

These photos were taken 15 minutes before he was born. I love the clock in the background while the soon to be new dad is patiently waiting and watching his wife!

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Birth Photographer Findlay Ohio
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This is one of my favorite moments right before the birth when they turn on the warmer for the baby!

He’s here!

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While the baby was being cleaned up, the new parents shared a very special moment.

The proud new mama watching her son get cleaned up!

Hudson… just a few minutes old!

Findlay Ohio Birth Photography
Such an amazing moment. The new dad carrying his son to his wife for the first time!

Findlay Ohio birth photography
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The very first time they held their son.

Findlay Ohio Birth Photographer
Those first moments are magical. It is an honor to capture them.

Birth photography Findlay Ohio
The first photo of the new family of three!

Meeting the grandparents!

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The new dad keeping an eye on his son while the new mama is resting.

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As I left the hospital at 5:30 in the morning I saw this beautiful sunrise. What a great way to welcome a new life to the world!

Findlay hospital Birth photography
Unfortunately Hudson had some breathing problems so he had to spend a few days in the NICU. Thankfully he was fine and went home after a couple of days. 
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Findlay hospital birth photographer
Blanchard Valley hospital birth photographer
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Blanchard Valley Hospital Birth photography
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Birth Photography Findlay Ohio
Thank you Michael and Rachael for asking me to capture Hudson’s birth story. I loved being apart of it!